Ice Cream Factory

Ice Cream Makes You Happy

Especially when it is made locally, with local ingredients!

Hand Crafted

Made in our store, in Eldon, by hand.
You will notice the difference in the taste!

Locally Sourced

Our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible. Including over 20 Missouri! Even our ice cream machine is USA made!


Because our ice cream is made with 14% butterfat, it is creamier and more smooth than any of our competitors

3 Ways To Buy Our Ice Cream!

Our Retail Stores
  • 3 S Mill St. Eldon, Mo 65026
  • 701 Madison St. Jefferson City, MO 65101
Other Retailers

Check out our AMAZING retailers, here!

Ship Our Ice Cream To Your Home!

Visit our online store to purchase ice cream by CLICKING HERE!

About Us

A magical factory where the MOST DELICIOUS ice cream is made and sold!

More About Us

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(573) 723-4178

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3 S Mill St. Eldon, Mo 65026

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